Discover what skignz could do for you and your customers


You are the experts in your sector/industry and the role you do within your business, now imagine what the skignz technology could do for you, for your company and most importantly, for your clients/customers

We have had many suggestions for how skignz can be used in many different sectors, including visual wayfinding (4 out of 5 people cannot read maps, a trend that is only increasing), asset tracking, aspects of safety, and introduction of lean practices and new processes.

skignz is also helpful to the environment and has a 'Zero Carbon Footprint'. It is the next few generations’ technology, but available today. The same platform can be used across all areas of your business including sales, marketing, operations, service delivery, logistics … the list goes on!

Below are some of the Brands we are working with across the globe!

The question is ... how will skignz work for your company’s and staff/customers benefit? skignz can provide branded content anywhere on the planet and can be used in any language.

Please get in touch to see how skignz can work for your Brand/Company/Organisation...


  • Location based digital content placed anywhere on the planet and viewed through a smart phone, enabling brands and people to engage, navigate, promote and play

  • Integration into existing applications via skignz API

  • A bespoke Enterprise solution built for your brand


Fitting the skignz APi into existing brands marketing platforms, enhancing user experience and marketing touch points

  • Store Finder
  • Retail Brand Promotion
  • Emotive Purchases
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Branding & Sponsorship
  • Product Placement
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Safety & Security


A powerful and interactive means of improving consumer experiences by visually contextualising the world around you

  • Stadiums & Live Events
  • Conferences
  • Infrastructure
  • Corporate & Edu Campuses
  • Smart City Initiatives
  • Self Guided Tours
  • Points of Interest
  • Brand Engagement
  • Asset Tracking
  • Safety & Security

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