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Between July and December 2021, skignz and its partners, including GoMedia and Network Rail, have been developing a unique technology focussed purely on improving 'Rail Travel'. This has been supported through Innovate UK's, First of a Kind (FoaK) initiatives.

The aim of the project is to not only reduce anxiety around travel, improve assisted passenger services, but also staff engagement and overall passenger experience & engagement.

We have coupled the skignz Precise Location Augmented Reality Technology, with GoMedia's vast experience in the rail sector, in order to deliver a ‘live demo’ with a set number of specific 'Case Studies' to address the key issues in 'Rail Travel'.

We have been working closely with a number of teams within Network Rail, to design, develop, test and provide live demos at three locations across the UK; London Euston, Birmingham New Street and Manchester Piccadilly Stations.

These demos will be through an ‘invite only’ process using Apple’s (IOS) test-flight programme for developers.

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How can skignz Rail help you?


Personalised Journeys


Re-imagined Assisted Travel


Retail + Wayfinding

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What can you expect?

Setting your Expectations:

This is key to the success of the ‘live demos’ delivery! In order for you to maximise the experience, and as it’s a closed 'invite only' demonstration, we have to deliver this in a particular way.

Once you have clicked on the link below, you will be directed to a form that will request specific information that is required for you to be accepted as a 'tester'.

You will first have to download Apple’s own Tesflight App, this will allow you access the skignz Rail App (blue/white). Once you have downloaded the skignz Rail App (green/white) you will then be provided with access to use the skignz Rail App at each of our participating stations.

 - London Euston
 - Birmingham New Street
 - Manchester Piccadilly

Using the App within the Station(s):

The skignz Rail Augmented Reality Experience provides you with layered content, (this is done using channels - central button on your user interface), you can select each channel and it will display the relevant content for that specific channel.

You can also hold the phone parallel to the floor and you will be provided with the content and map of the station(s).

When navigating using the content 'small icons' will appear on the edge of the viewer (screen), as you 'pan around'  they will emerge bigger in the centre of your screen, where they are shown in the exact/correct location. Each 'icon' you see has functionality when pressed, for example, dial a phone number, pop up message or a link through to web-based content.


We have a number of key 'case studies' we are testing which we will publish in January 2022. However, you will be able to use the skignz Rail App for 'accessing information’ and ‘wayfinding’ around the station(s) allowing to bridge the physical and digital worlds and interact with the content.

If you would like to know more details of the case studies then please visit on one of our ‘demo days’ where members of the skignz/GoMedia teams will be delighted to show them to you. If you wish to know more about each of our partners, simply use the navigation (left icon) and select access (second top icon).

Finally, in the navigation (left icon) we have provided a quick 1-page feedback form (top icon), we would really appreciate if you could complete this, as it is essential to the delivery of the demo. Many thanks in advance!


If you would like to experience the skignz rail solution at any of our participating stations, then please register here.

You will be provided with a strict set of instructions to follow, to not only enable you to download the the skignz Rail App, but also have specific access to the live interactive content.

* Due to the limited time we have to showcase the skignz Rail Technology we have provided access on a first come, first served basis …

Please get involved as it would be a real shame if you miss out!

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