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  • How much does skignz cost?

    skignz is FREE for personal use. You will be provided with a small number of skignz in varying templates that allow you to drop/place.
    If you are a Business or would like to use skignz commercially, then we have a range of solutions for you. Press here to contact us for more details

  • Is skignz easy to use?

    We think skignz is really easy to use, however we spend our days working on ways to improve the overall skignz experience. You may see some, not others, some maybe big and some small.

    At skignz we appreciate the users' contribution so we constantly invite feedback and suggestions, on the whole, we aim to implement for our users' benefit.

    If you think skignz is easy to use, please tell your friends, family, colleagues, however, if you don't then please tell us! We'd really appreciate any feedback.

  • Does it work on Windows?

    Unfortunately not at present only IOS & Android

  • Will it work without a data connection?

    No, you need at least a GPS and Data signal in order for skignz to work.


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