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As AR is a relatively new technology, we get asked many questions, here are some of the most frequently asked.

skignz was incorporated in the UK in May 2013, after 18 months of product research and development.

skignz is pronounced ’sk-y-nz’, think ’signs in the sky'.

skignz is a Precise Location Augmented Reality (PLAR) software platform.

By providing our SDK/API to our global client base, we enable them to provide PLAR experiences to their customers through their Apps.

On the whole, No, skignz is a propriety technology, that does not rely on 3rd party technology such as mappings and rendering engines.

We do utilise Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore in order to streamline our interaction with their operating systems, however, what skignz delivers is focused on being complementary rather than as a replacement.

Most AR applications and experiences require some kind of trigger.

They can vary from a user scanning a ‘QR Code’, to ‘scanning an ‘object, logo or even a surface’ to activate the AR experience.

skignz does not use any of these methods to ‘trigger delivery of its content’.

Simply being in a location, which can be anywhere on the planet, users can access content around them, relevant to their location, brand or application they are using.

It can be, however, skignz's total focus is on making AR useful, not only for brands but showing them multiple ways in which it can be used for the benefit of their customers.

This ranges from a brand experience, functional support through to reducing processes by making them leaner.

In 2016 Apple CEO stated that "AR is the future and will be as common as 3 meals a day", since then Apple has invested considerable resources to include AR in their overall strategy, with many Apple IOS based devices having special AR features.

skignz is not just a ‘marcomms’ product it can be utilised in many different aspects of business, changing and varying, company to company and sector to sector.

In many cases, skignz solves problems that either our clients hadn’t seen yet or didn’t realise there was an easier way to do it, saving resources, time and, in all examples, money.

YES! skignz’s PLAR software/platform delivers its technology to a number of global blue-chip clients who are already using our product?

skignz offers a number of models for which your organisation can utilise the skignz technology.

Initially through a pilot or try-before-you-buy options prior to moving to a SAAS, Revenue Share, In-App Purchase or AD offers.

YES! We always maintain that whatever we do it’s for the benefit of the customer or their customer.

We aim to support all activities through online portals and knowledge resources.

There are multiple reasons why skignz’s total focus is on PLAR.

Most of the reasons are focused around the user and delivering relevant content to them when and where they required it?

Other reasons involve providing ‘Triggerless AR’ whilst also utilising cloud computing to efficiently deliver content, anywhere on the planet.

IF YOU Can’t find the answer you’re looking for, WHY NOT CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE!
“Another skignz quote goes here!”
— Si Brown, Founder & CEO
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