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30 Apr 2014

You know, in my life I haven't done much travelling. As many families did when they were younger I never went on many vacations. I’m not too sure why that was, maybe as my family didn't like travelling, flying or even holidays themselves; I'm just not sur

Using skignz at a height

You know, in my life I haven't done much travelling. As many families did when they were younger I never went on many vacations. I’m not too sure why that was, maybe as my family didn't like travelling, flying or even holidays themselves; I'm just not sure

However I did go to a few places as I started to grow up. They were short vacations for a day or two when I went with either school or college or now even friends, and they were very good times. 

1WTC & The Empire State Building, New York, US Empire State  / 
World Financial Centre, Shanghai, China 

A lot of my trips included sightseeing as it was partly education trips I went on, and although a lot of sightseeing was previously planned to do alongside having a good time, it never fully got carried out when we arrived to the destination. I will give you an example of one time.
 "I went on a vacation with secondary school when I was in year 10. We were going to Disneyland Paris. Now imagine being me and not having been on any vacations when I was younger, I was extremely excited about this trip. One of my first trips was to Disneyland Paris! It was for three days and two nights as I remember. Now I did not have a clue where I was going. I just followed the instructions of the teachers and listened to my friends as one or two of them had been there before. 
Disneyland Paris, France

This did not bother me too much on the way there as we went by Eurostar and that was an enjoyable journey. However, when we got there we had to find our hotel. That was a struggle. Where we were staying was a lot of different hotels in one place and they were all differently themed. We were looking for a cowboy themed one and it was extremely hard to find as there was so many and we spent quite a while looking for it. All we wanted to do was get unpacked and go explore for a while before catching up on some sleep. 

Once we had finally managed to find our room we settled in till the next day. For the two days we were there we had planned to go to a business event on one of the days and spend a day in the adventure park itself. Finding the business event was easy for us as we just got a bus directly there. However when it came to finding and getting to the adventure park that was a different story! Finding our way there took us a small while as we were unsure what bus to get and which direction to head in. Once we had figured that struggle out we arrived at the park, and it was huge! 

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
There was so much to see and so many rides to go on. Now we were given a map but that was so hard to use. We spent a lot of the time looking where we needed to be heading and where we wanted to go. 

Many times we were going back over on ourselves which was no fun because we just wanted to go and see everything! Now we did see a majority of the sights and it was a really great time, however they could have done with something more easily to understand than a map of the place. Not everyone knows how to use them. 

I definitely want to go back and I will one day and even take my family members, but I will be sure to plan our trip ahead so that we know where we are going and don't waste too much time wandering about. However saying that it was one of the best vacations of my life still to this day! I can’t stop telling anyone who asks me just how good it is! I suggest you try it."

Royal Clock Tower, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Now you're probably wondering why I am telling you about my own story. Well that is because at that time I needed something simple to help me navigate around an unfamiliar and strange place. 

As my journey involved travelling through unknown places (to me anyway) and even though I didn't have any idea where I was going, I now know that the group leaders I was with at the time, didn't either! 

Blind Navigation based upon traditional maps and plenty of hope, hope that we would eventually arrive at our chosen destination.
Burj-Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

I would like you to understand and put yourselves in my shoes. Even though you have probably already been in my shoes and will be most of the time when you go travelling because it is very hard to find your way about and go sight-seeing, you still require some different kind of help when you're sightseeing.
That’s when I now tell you about skignz. Just imagine if I had skignz when I went sightseeing in Paris, I would have been able to see what I wanted to without getting lost and wasting time. 

Now, I know most of you know about skignz but I guess a lot of you may not use it to your full potential as you may not fully understand it. skignz does have short videos on our YouTube Channel for you to take a look at and see how great it really is. skignz is your sightseeing essential tool. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
You should use this on every trip you go on, yet you don't need to carry anything more that what you normally take with you. Its tucked away on your smartphone for when and wherever you need it, in return it will provide you with relevant content at that point you require it without going searching for it, either physically or through a search engine on your device!

It will make your time much more relaxing and enjoyable. I will give you links at the end of this post so that you can go read and have a see for yourself so that you fully understand it.
Now it’s not just about going round on trips and sightseeing. There is some of the best and tallest buildings to go to in the world that provide great sightseeing experience. 

Just naming a few you will recognise: The Burj Khalifa – Dubai, The Canton Tower – China, The London Eye – London, The Jin Mao Tower – Shanghai, The Willis Tower – Chicago and The Eiffel Tower – Paris. Now when you get to the top of these they will provide some sort of equipment that will allow you to extend your whole viewing experience.

They just keep getting taller, but all provide a viewing area for the public!
However what they don't have and would be exceptionally useful is skignz. When you get to the top it would be useful to see where each place is and what it is. skignz can provide you with the knowing of the whereabouts each place is located and information on it while you are there. 

skignz elevates (pardon the pun) your sightseeing experience to another level making it more enjoyable as you are on this adventure. It allows you to interact on a more personal level with the place you are visiting.

Views from the Top of The EDF Energy London Eye, UK
Lets take The EDF Energy - London Eye for an example. 

The EDF Energy London Eye is a massive tourist attraction that takes you so high you can see a whole lot of London. 

When you are in your 'little pod' you are provided with a 'mini Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device' which is a 360 guide, however due to 'screen glare' you cannot read the screen properly and they were pretty much ignored by all on board in favour of their smart phones and portable devices such as tablets, cameras etc...! If only they had skignz hey!

The fixed position tablet provides the user with multi lingual features of key information on landmarks that can be seen from The EDF Energy London Eye. Even though it gives you multi-dimensional views of the sights of the capital and 24 hours filming, you cannot interact with the device as you could with skignz. 

If you are not totally confused at this point, additionally provided (for an additional fee) is a paper guide as shown in the below image!

If you had skignz up there you could see where each place is and interact with information of that place. It would tell you how far away it is, directions to get there and give you information on the place, opening times and more, everything you would want to know about sights on your sightseeing experience.
Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
skignz is all about giving a person the best experience on their travels no matter where you go and improving 
your sightseeing experience. 

Visiting some of the biggest and tallest towers in the world to do sightseeing you need the right equipment handy to use for when you get up there. 

After all it isn't just about taking photographs you want to get to know about each place for when you wish to visit there while you are on your travels. 

Using skignz at a height is a thing of the future. skignz will be part of the future and watching this space a lot of companies will be using skignz as it will improve everyone’s experience. No matter where you are or where you go, you can use skignz! It is always there with you as it is on your mobile device. You can take it wherever you wish. 

Marina Bay, Singapore
So if you need to get to the next place on your trip or to find out some information, just get your phone out and let skignz do the work for you! 

After all who wants to be searching around for ages on their trips looking where to go and trying to understand maps? 

They are not the easiest thing in the world to use and I am not ashamed to say, that to this day I do not fully understand how to read a map. 

skignz has provided me with a whole new experience for when I go on my 'getaways' with family and friends.
View across the Marina Bay from Sands Hotel 
We would like you to experience skignz at a height. So why not give it a go on your next adventure. Whether you are visiting one of the tallest towers in the world or even going on a sightseeing expedition just like I did when I went to Disneyland Paris. 

Like I said previously I could have done with having skignz around then and why no one invented it at the time is beyond me, however now it is available for you to use.
So please don't just download it and leave it there. You will most likely be going somewhere this summer, even if it is just for a local small vacation and to a place you haven't been before, skignz will assist you and make your overall experience an enjoyable time. 

I know myself that if I go away this year somewhere I will be using it to go sightseeing from a height, and I will be using skignz as it will provide me with all the information I need right there on my own mobile device.
Viewing platform at the Grand Canyon, Nevada, US
If you want to find out more information on skignz or wish to use it on your next sightseeing adventure at a height, then please use the links below to find out more. 

You can watch our videos or read up on our website or social media sites. 

If you need more help then please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any query you may have. Our contact details are available on the website.

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