Use of AR at the Los Angeles Auto Show Banner
01 Dec 2017

skignz interest in this year's LA Autoshow was two-fold.

Use of AR at the Los Angeles Auto Show

skignz interest in this year's LA Autoshow was two-fold.

One was taking up the opportunity of being in town for a DiT Trade Mission and using some of our down time looking at how AR & VR are progressing within the Motor Industry.
Although the LA Auto Show isn’t the largest of all the world's motor shows it’s still a huge event. All car manufacturers take significant stand space to showcase their latest models whilst trying to 'Wow us' all with a sneak preview of the future of their respective brands, models and most importantly new tech ...

With LA being so close to the home of tech in Silicon Valley we expected to see much more ‘innovative’ uses of AR and VR, yet on the scale of the show only a small fraction offered up either.
AR seemed to be confined to HoloLens on 3 different stands whereas other VR headsets were on a few more.

Many of the brands look to provide experiences such as 'simulator racing'. Dodge did this with two 'Challengers' kitted up to race on hydraulic rams, large screens in front of them and 3D surround-sound to allow the visitors to experience a Race Car experience, beyond a normal simulator.
Others pushed you towards the XBox and gaming area, but we think they are missing a trick! And not just Auto Shows ... any type of large (or small) conference in locations like this can benefit from applying the skignz platform in order to enhance the visitor/delegate experience, alongside the proven ability to find your way around more easily or indeed find people you are looking for.

Here at skignz we are obviously looking ahead to the future, but it was the inclusion of Nissan's partnership with Star Wars for the impending launch of their latest release ‘The Last Jedi’ where Nissan had ‘converted’ a few of their vehicles into Spaceships. They certainly raised a few eyebrows and the kids seem to love them.
We would normally end this post here alongside our picture but as the week progressed we ended up at LucasFilm in San Francisco where we were treated to a preview of their latest VR game (launching 6th July) titled ‘Droid Repair Centre’

After the demo, we managed to have a go with a full headset to be immersed, which was extremely awesome and cool...  but that’s what this tech is meant for so it’s a shame that the biggest future link between an Auto Show and AR/VR turned out to be a badly modelled Nissan Tie Fighters and X-wing's!
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