SXSW'19 Highlights - Exclusive J1S content revealed through skignz Banner
19 Mar 2019

SXSW'19 Highlights - Exclusive J1S content revealed through skignz

SXSW'19 Highlights - Exclusive J1S content revealed through skignz

Check out some of the highlights from this year's SXSW 2019 in Austin Texas.

skignz extended thier partnerhip with 'First Word Tree Productions' in releasing exclusive new content for the upcoming J1S that features the skignz PLAR technology being used in realtime.

Producer/Director, Jay Cunnigham said, "This approach, using skignz has allowed us to explore new ways of shooting scenes, not to mention reducing our 'post production' costs quite significantly.  This reduction in 'post production' costs allowed us to utilise more of the film's budget in other areas, we could not have done this without skignz. Si and his tech are such a good fit with the AI element of the film, proving that technology that seems to be way off in the future, actually isn't way off and it's actually being used more and more around us without us realising."

Aslo skignz provided highlights for the GREAT House for the UK DiT and also Choose ATL, Metro Atlanta's House, helping visitors and guests find them more easily. 

Here are some skignz 'inApp Screen Captures' using skignz@SXSW2019.














If you would like to keep upto date with skignz and our activity, please folllow us on any of the usual Social Media channels (@skignz) and also take a look through other articles here on our blog to find out how the skignz PLAR Technology is been used and how it might relate to you and/or your business/organization/sector.

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