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19 Apr 2015

As part of a new feature in our Blog & Monthly Newsletter, We are speaking to other companies and asking some to provide us with an interesting feature each month.This month we are looking at how our own health affects our working performance and WellBloc

skignz: Trigger points and Your health

As part of a new feature in our Blog & Monthly Newsletter, We are speaking to other companies and asking some to provide us with an interesting feature each month.

This month we are looking at how our own health affects our working performance and WellBlocks offered to provide us with an interesting outline of the trigger points in your body. As most people who working in emerging technologies, we spend a lot of time, sat at a Desk, sat in a Car, Train or even a plane. or a combination of them all All day, Everyday.

This got us thinking here at skignz about those little niggles, aches and pains. recently our Co-Founder & CMO Si Brown was talking to Dr Caroline Keddie, the creator of Wellblocks and thought her invention was the ideal topic to kick off our monthly guest blog feature.

It’s not just skignz talking about Trigger Points in the air
Trigger points are tiny knots that build up in muscles overtime causing pain and all sorts of troubles. From migraine headaches to achy necks and sore knees. 
They are exacerbated by repetitive actions, overuse and bad posture. 
Slowly tightening and shortening muscles until imbalances occur and joints, tendons and nerves are pulled off kilter.
The smallest part of a muscle's contraction that can be seen under a microscope are Sarcomeres. 
The contraction of muscles occur when Actin & Myosin protein molecules are attracted to each other when stimulated neurologically. Trigger points occur when the Actin & Myosin fail to uncouple. The muscle fibres then accumulate into a tight knot. When this happens blood circulation through the fibres is suppressed and inhibits the fuel required for the Actin & Myosin to release exacerbating the problem further.
Trigger points can be active or latent. 
Active 'Trigger Points' cause spontaneous pain, with or without motion, and latent trigger points may only be obvious on touching. 
It is believed that our muscles slowly build up many latent 'Trigger Points' overtime and Travell and Simon, the main writers on 'Trigger Points', believe that it is this build up of latent knots in the muscles that leads to much of the stiffness and joint pain characterised by old age.
There is no operation or drug that can reduce or eliminate these 'Trigger Points'. The key is to use a treatment that increases the circulation of blood at that sarcomere bundle, or knot, therefore allowing the Actin and Myosin to separate and the fibres to run freely again. 
Massage therapists use thumbs, knuckles and elbows. Sometimes it simply takes a little on off pressure to release these points as the blood comes running back through the muscle fibres.
Not everyone can afford the time or money for massage and, actually, Trigger Points prefer a little massage and often e.g. 3-6 times a day for a minute. 
So thats why Wellblocks was created, for this very purpose. 
You would not believe the difference they can make if you simply use them on the go, or at your desk, a few times a day. By not giving the muscles the chance to build up knots you will stay pain free.
A Few Problems brought about by Trigger Points
Pictures courtesy of
Headaches and stiff sore neck
Trigger points in the Trapezium, Levator Scapulae and Sternocleidomastoid can cause migraines and neck ache. 
Common for computer users and desk jobs.
Sore thumbs from texting & using Apps:
Use Wellblocks at your desk to release muscles
Sore knees and Hips:
Trigger points in the Tensor Fascia latae (TFL), and the quadricep muscle, Vastas Lateralis,  and glutes can cause tightness that pulls the knee, or hip, off kilter. Wellblocks are much better than foam rollers for loosening Trigger points.
Sore shoulders    
The main culprits Trigger Points in the supraspinatus and infraspinatus. 

Again these can be released using Wellblocks against a wall or chair.
The good news is 'Trigger Points' can be your friend as with very little pressure the circulation can improve, the knots release and your muscle become long again.
Problems can be relieved within days or a couple of weeks for more long term chronic problems. 
Then maintenance is the key. Wellblocks allow you to maintain at your desk. 
They come with a free instructional App with simple, quick programs for all sports and lifestyles. From Golf to Cycling. Dentist to desk worker.
The first production run of Wellblocks has now started and they should be available in the next ten weeks. 
For pre orders please sign up at
Follow Wellblocks on LinkedIn  for up to date information.
Also watch this mini film here
For further information on skignz please visit or check us out on all the usual social media channels.

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