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02 Jul 2021

skignz secures Innovate UK Foak (First of a Kind) Project

skignz is delighted to have been shortlisted for Innovate UK's 'First of a Kind' Research Projects.

skignz will develop and deliver its technology to improve and encourage passengers back onto the network, post Covid-19. skignz, along with its partners, will provide live demos on 3 different station locations across the UK.

The aim is to make the passenger's journey easier by helping them understand their journey, reducing anxiety about their travels.

skignz, will help them to find their way around stations and engage with retailers/services across the UK Rail network. It also provides revolutionary and unique support for assisted travellers. Further updates will be provided on our progress when the demo sites are live.

If you would like to find out more about Innovate UK, the products, services, competitions or more about this specific competition then please visit:

As always, if you would like to know more about skignz, then please do check out the rest of our website, and also follow us across the usual social media channels @skignz. 


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