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03 Feb 2015

Stag parties are the best part of a wedding that a guy (and his mates) look forward too. It has the 'title' as his one night of freedom to just lose control, let loose and have a laugh with his mates.Wherever that takes place is completely up to his best

skignz on Stag Parties

Stag parties are the best part of a wedding that a guy (and his mates) look forward too. It has the 'title' as his one night of freedom to just lose control, let loose and have a laugh with his mates.
Wherever that takes place is completely up to his best man and group of friends who he trusts his entire wedding with, so why not trust him and his friends to organise his best night of the whole event.

Most stags depending on the type of party or person, generally takes place abroad or in another city. Somewhere that is a bit different and new to everyone. However the problem with that is that no-one knows where to go. 

Knowing where the best places are to go and the location of them makes the night more enjoyable to save everyone from wondering around getting lost and spending a lot of time in unusual places and maybe with some unusual people.
Plus who knows who you may bump into or what situations you may get yourself into after having, as we all know, quite a lot of drinks. Now people think they will go to a few bars, have a good time and then maybe as the night goes on end up in a strip club to give the groom a good end to his night. 

However we have all seen this get planned before and never go to plan. What film have we seen this on … The Hangover! 

The Hangover, parts 1 and 2, show two of the boys getting married and going on their stag do. Now all the plans they have such as no strip bars and just a few drinks never go to plan. 

Part One: Shows how the boys all end up lost and hungover in Las Vegas having got themselves into a lot of trouble and losing their main man, the groom somewhere in Las Vegas and they have no idea! 

Part Two: Shows Stuart getting married in Thailand and after the mess of the first stag do, he just wants a relaxing night on the beach then an early night in bed. 

This doesn’t happen. Yet again the boys end up somewhere random, very hungover in a new place, in a lot of trouble and losing the bride's brother somewhere in a new unknown city to them. 


Now as funny as these films are for us to watch, we know ourselves we would not like it if this happened to us on our stag parties. The panic would be uncontrollable and not to mention what the bride would be thinking … 

skignz can help to prevent all of these issues from happening – it is your very own personal tracker. skignz can make your night relaxed, safe and still just as enjoyable as you had already planned. (If you would like to know more about skignz then please go to the website or read more on the rest of the blogs). 

Now how can skignz help you to have the best yet organised and safe stag party in 3 simple steps ...

1. Prior to your stag party, you can plan which bars you would like to attend and then pre-place a skignz above the location so that when you get there it is easily accessible. Just open the app on your phone, scan the environment and it will direct you exactly to where your skignz and first bar is! (You can then do this for the rest of the night with the other places you have planned to go to). 
2. Arriving at the desired location, it can help you to find your accommodation straight away. To save you the hassle pre-place a skignz before you go then when you arrive no time is wasted trying to find where you need to be, you can be straight out on the drink starting to enjoy your stag party. 
3. You can place a skignz above yourself. So if you were to end up like a scene out of the hangover (let’s hope not), you would easily be able to locate were the others are as a skignz would pop up on the app and tell you where your friend is and vice versa. Now we know we always have the majorly drunk one and the sensible one on stag parties and someone always generally tends to wander off, so knowing you can easily find them if they are not answering their phone is a great thing! 
Plus a little something for the brides … you can use this technology as the guys do above on your own Hen night. But also you can keep an eye on 'Promiscuis Kassy', 'Pornstar Katy' or even 'Frigid Brenda'. 

However to end on a serious note, stag parties are meant to be crazy and all about having fun, but still make sure your safe. This doesn't have to be in the most serious way as skignz is a small safety icon that no one can see publicly only virtually. 

There has been a lot of stories in the news about people getting lost on stag parties and ending up in bad situations so make sure that the worst thing to happen to you is that you have a very very bad regrettable hangover the next day, but you are still somewhere safe and sound!

If you would like to know more on planning the best stag party then please visit 
If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

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