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31 Jan 2015

To round last year off, skignz had the chance to exhibit at one of the most exclusive gatherings of the year - Most Contagious. This was a great opportunity to present and demonstrate our technology to leading agencies & brands companies from all around t

Most Contagious 2014

To round last year off, skignz had the chance to exhibit at one of the most exclusive gatherings of the year - Most Contagious. 

This was a great opportunity to present and demonstrate our technology to leading agencies & brands companies from all around the world attending Most Contagious.
Most Contagious is an annual, uniquely curated innovation event in London staged by Contagious. 

Most Contagious celebrates the biggest innovations and analyses the most impactful marketing from the year to decipher what influence these will have on the immediate future for brands and advertising.

Contagious helps brands and advertising agencies understand and adapt to shifts in marketing, consumer culture and technology. 

The team at skignz were very grateful that we were allowed and provided with the opportunity to not only present our technology at the event, but to also learn about other great companies who had invested in their own technology alongside a range of other new companies. 

Most of which were featured in their 'Small But Perfectly Formed' section over the previous 12 months.
Besides being given the opportunity to exhibit, skignz also got the chance to listen to some great leaders and speakers at the event and allow them to provide us with some great inspiration. 

Listening to each speaker was great for skignz, however one thing we noticed along the way from many speakers was that the current technology they were explaining to the audience could have been skignz (in a different placed sense). 

See these two images to the right.... essentially skignz tech! These images were used in different presentations by the speakers
However at the event each year is the Small But Perfectly Formed companies whereby Contagious has celebrated seven small companies hoping to change the world. 

skignz got to meet a few of these at the event itself and was great to find out how they were doing with their company and what their future plans looked like. 

skignz hopes that we could featured in Contagious's SBPF throughout the coming year and  become one of those companies chosen in the short list for Most Contagious 2015.

The whole day of the event itself was a truly amazing experience to have. Not only was it Most Contagious 10th Anniversary, it was an exceptional day to meet, discuss and learn about Most Contagious themselves and everyone else there.
Meeting so many worldwide companies and brands was very exciting for us, so we hoped to impress them with the skignz technology. 

Many people who came and learnt about the skignz technology and got to see it demonstrated were very impressed and left some great comments;

- “skignz is the most exciting thing I have seen all day”
- “This could be the Internet in the sky”
- “Seeing the live demonstration has just blew my mind… I need time to think of what great opportunities lie for skignz”
- “The possibilities are endless” 

The above were just a few comments from people attending Most Contagious and took the effort to come and tell us. The feedback that we received was truly inspirational as it gave us so much hope for the future and a lot of exciting opportunities to look forward to with a lot of brands.
Meeting people from Australia, Brazil, Ireland and many other places just goes to show how much of a great event Most Contagious really is and what it offers to all brands and companies around the world.
From this, skignz has begun a lot of relationships with people and we will be working together providing some great work in the future.

The skignz team had a truly awesome time and would like to give a big thank you to the Most Contagious team and directors for allowing us the opportunity to attend this event and meet some truly exceptional people. 

We would also like to thank the people and brands we met that gave us exceptional feedback to put us in a bright light for future developments.

If you would like to have a read of Most Contagious X based on their tenth anniversary then please follow this link to their on line PDF or download it to get your own personal one. 
If you would like to know more about Most Contagious 2014 then a good place to start would be

If you would like to read Most Contagious X PDF then please visit 
If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

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