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29 May 2014

Social media and technology now compared to the past is an important part of almost everyone’s lives. No matter how young or old you are you will have some form of social media in your life. The majority of this is all done through your mobile device. Now

Look up! Not down!

Social media and technology now compared to the past is an important part of almost everyone’s lives. 

No matter how young or old you are you will have some form of social media in your life. The majority of this is all done through your mobile device. 

Now we all know that it is important almost essential to have a mobile device for calls and texts and to get in touch with everyone now and then but we don't need it all the time for everything. 

We have become that attached to it that it feels like we have literally lost a limb when we lose our phone. We feel like we cannot do anything or get in touch with anyone. That’s how much it has made an impact on our lives.
But think of how much you are missing out on in the world when you have your head down constantly on your mobile keeping yourself to yourself and not interacting socially. Thought about it?
What did people do years ago? There was no mobile phones and technology like there is today. People had to communicate and find out information in different ways. 

They had to either write letters to each other, telecommunicate even pigeon letters at some point (although that’s going back quite a while now). However my point is that even though we have all of this amazing new technology we don't have to miss out on the world. 

Technology is developed and getting developed currently now that allows you to see the world and not miss out on opportunities and being personally social while using your mobile device. 

Consider just how many important things happen in your life daily, monthly and yearly. Yet half of those you will miss the opportunity of experiencing them fully because you relied on your mobile device to assist you and social media. 

That isn't what you want. You may think at the time you are experiencing everything fully however you are not, your mobile is. Such as going for jobs. You will be searching for them ‘looking down’ on your mobile device a lot of the time, when really an opportunity could be straight in front of your eyes if you only just 'looked up'

You may walk past that job advert sign or that person that could be looking for someone currently as you relied on your mobile phone to help you find a job.

Think about when you are travelling. A lot of people travel each year, over 1 Billion. When you go travelling you want to have fun and experience the place while you are there. 

You like to take interest in what you do and what you see. 

So what do you do? 

You take a photo or video on your mobile phone. Then what… you upload it to some form of social media site. You're not really enjoying the full experience for yourself. Yes it is nice to take a photo and upload it to social media for others to see, but not all the time and not just the point of going travelling. It is your interest, so make it your interest, don’t just do it for likes and to be seen as popular.
So what can you do to make sure you are always looking up and not down?

You need some form of technology that allows you to do all of the above and keep a look out on the world in-front of you.

We have one word. skignz.
At this instant you may be thinking what is skignz or yes I know about skignz but how does this help me.
Well that is what skignz is all about. We want to open up the world and every opportunity to you so you don't need to miss a thing again. 

How do we do this? 

We do this by having created outstanding technology that is free for you to use and will improve your experience of whatever you do.
skignz is a free app that you can download. It places a virtual sign in the sky so that you can see it through your mobile device. 

You do this by pre loading your skignz account using google maps so that when you arrive where you were going, you can load up skignz on your mobile device and there will be a sign in the sky (skignz) where you previously placed it.
There is a lot of information you can read on this on our social media sites, our blog, our YouTube channel and also our website.

So how does this help? Well you want to see the world and be more sociable whilst on your phone, trying to find where you are going or trying to meet some friend’s etc... 

We help you with this. With skignz you look through your screen onto the world outside, you're not blocking it out you are still seeing out onto the world while doing what you are doing on your mobile device.
Now skignz isn't just about trying to help you navigate, although it is one of the best to use for this, it is a great social tool for you and your friends. You can communicate with them, arrange to meet them and still find out what they are up to as you can see each other profiles through skignz

You will be doing all of this while looking up and not looking down.
Just have a really good think about it. You know yourself that you are missing out on a lot when you keep your head cascaded down into your mobile phone, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities that could change your life, even if it is just a small change, it still makes a difference.

All I would like you to do after reading this is sit down, have a look at your phone and think to yourself – do I keep my head down a lot? How much do I actually miss out on? Am I too busy being nosy in everyone else life to notice my own as much? 

I need to download skignz now for free?
All of them questions will help you realise that you don't want to spend the rest of your time looking down and not up, so much happens in your life and in the world, so don't go missing out on anymore. 

Change your life now and make a change for yourself. We can guarantee that skignz will make that small change for you that you look for.
If you would like to find out anymore information on skignzthen please use the links below to check out our social media sites and websites. If you have any queries at all, then please don't hesitate to ask any one of us.

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