Deloitte Annual Crane Survey (2020), Enhanced by skignz...
Monday, 10 February 2020
Deloitte Annual Crane Survey (2020), Enhanced by skignz...

skignz enhances the Deloitte Annual Crane Survey in Leeds City Centre with its Precise Location AR

In October 2019, we were invited by Matt Ward, Head of Market Gravity in the North of England? (Part of Deloitte) to showcase the skignz technology at their new, ‘The Walk’, in central Leeds (that’s in Yorkshire, England for our international readers).

After being shown around their incredible facility and understanding what they were doing for their clients, it became clear very quickly how skignz would be a good fit for a partnership with them. Since those initial meetings the opportunities being raised are unquantifiable at this stage, but exciting to say the least.

As our relationship has been developing with Market Gravity they asked if we could provide a ‘showcase’ for a very important event they were holding to share Deloitte’s most recent Crane Survey. I know that doesn’t sound very interesting or even seem worthy of an event, however, Deloitte have been carrying out this survey for a number of years, across all the major cities of the UK.


The purpose of the ‘Crane Survey’ is to demonstrate the ‘actual’ development/inward investment taking place in our cities, measured by the number of cranes you can see on each city’s skyline? They break down each of the developments in detail to identify what is being developed in sectors, such as Education, Residential, Student Residential, Office, Retail etc.

Matt, felt that skignz could add a whole new dimension to the Crane Survey, how it’s presented but also how it can be made available in more than just a report.

Matt said: “Using skignz for Deloitte’s Crane Survey launch in Leeds created an entirely different engagement with the story and watching the room simultaneously looking through the windows with phones raised was brilliant. Market Gravity, as pioneers of experiential design and rapid delivery with a unique base in Leeds are looking forward to working with skignz to further push the boundaries of what we can achieve”.

Prior to the event, skignz prepared a short video taken on top of a very high building in the centre of Leeds. With our Apple iPhone 11Pro and using Apples in App Screen recording we were able to capture a live panoramic of the Leeds skyline, showcasing where each and every Crane was located using ‘Deloitte Crane Survey branded skignz to pick out each one. This video was used as part of the introduction and demo at the breakfast event on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

In addition to the video ( also provided access to its Free App allowing all of the attendees the ability to check out the Crane Survey whilst they were there. Each skignz had the function (when pressed) to share more details about each location with a special skignz placed above the new Channel 4 HQ in the old Majestic Building, this linked through to the latest article online updating the progress on the site.

The feedback was very encouraging not only from the VIP guests but also from different areas of the Deloitte business areas, who were seeing both skignz and the interactive ‘Crane Survey’ for the first time.

skignz Founder & CEO, Si Brown said “ We are delighted that the event went well and the feedback from the Crane Survey was superb, however I feel the relationship we are building with Matt and his team, will produce many more interesting projects, allowing people in many different sectors to use the skignz technology to enhance their business. AR isn’t new however a lot of people mix it up with VR, however Precise Location AR is something skignz has been developing for 7+ years now and with the introduction of 5G, improved handsets we expect the take up to increase quite considerably over the next 18-24 months".



The work we did with Deloitte for their Crane Survey is one of many potential projects they had in mind, but this presented itself to be a great opportunity to work together to see what is possible. We look forward to showcasing other ‘use cases’ and launching full integrations throughout the rest of 2020.

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