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03 Jun 2019

skignz reviews Apples WWDC'19 announcements & where it relates to AR, Mobile and Apples IOS.

Apple's WWDC'19, What's the news on AR, IOS13 and much more?

This year’s Apple’s WWDC’19 (World Wide Developer Conference) has brought us so many updates, changes, improvements across the whole apple range of products from a 'new Mac', with impressive new display through to a new operating system solely for the iPad that’s more in line with the main Mac OS (Operating System).
Tim Cook Launches IOS13 at Apples WWDC19

We have looked through all of the keynotes and information to provide below what we feel is interesting and relevant to IOS, iPhones and ARKit(3). All of the below are areas of consideration. Research and development of technologies for companies like skignz is essential. It is crucial we get to grips with not only what those changes are, by the likes of Apple, but also to understand and inform our own 'product road maps'.

In order for skignz to be constantly innovating and delivering a ‘Precise Location AR’ (PLAR) Platform, and Apps, we can leverage many of the below enhancements, updates and in some cases new introductions of functionality and ways Apple are consolidating aspects of their technology to 'Improve the life of the User'.

Over all Apps will launch 2x faster than before and be smaller in download size. Face ID unlocks quicker up to 30% faster in IOS 13 compared with IOS 12. Something, we here, at skignz review annually is the 'Size of Apps' and 'Download/Update Speeds' and how they have increased or in some cases decreased since 2014. Apple have introduced Smaller App Downloads’ that are packaged in a new way, this means when you download Apps from the App Store they will be up to 50% smaller. Furthermore ‘Smaller App Updates’ will improve the App updates file sizes by making them on average 60% smaller.

Dark Mode:
Following on from other notable hardware/software providers, Apple will now offer a ‘Dark Mode’ option that is easier on your eyes, less likely to disturb people around you and is perfect for low light environments.

Privacy & Security:
App location permissions have new fine-grained controls; you can also choose which apps can grant access to your location. In addition, ‘App Location Transparency’ will now allow you to receive a notification when an App is using your location in the background, allowing you to decide whether to update your permission.

Sign In with Apple:
You can now use your Apple ID to sign into other apps and websites more quickly. Linking this with Touch ID and Face ID means easier access when required.
Apple have stated that they will never track your profile should you use this method, the only thing they share is your name and email address which is required for the authentication and security. Apple are also offering a ‘Hide your email address’ feature. They do this by creating a unique email address for you that forwards to your real address. If you are to take advantage of and be protected when using ’Sign in with Apple’, you must enable two-factor authentication.

Apple have gone ALL OUT with the redevlopment of a ‘New Map’, by rebuilding it from ‘the ground up’, with many significantly improved features and more realistic details, make it easier to find roads, beaches, parks, buildings and much more. ‘Lookaround’ provides you with an immersive 3D experience with 360-degree view of a place you are looking to visit, before you get there. It’s claimed that you will “enjoy smooth and seamless transitions as you navigate your way around”.

Tim Cook Launches ARKit3 at Apples WWDC19

ARKit 3:
This is the most interesting for skignz, with the introduction of ARKit 3, Apple has announced that “AR Apps can now place virtual objects naturally in front or behind people and use human movement and poses for new and more immersive experiences”.

ARKit3 changes and updates

With the launch of Apple’s ‘Reality Composer’ for IOS developers lets you easily and quickly produce and prototype AR experiences with no previous 3D experience. Providing support for ‘Motion Capture’ allows developers the opportunity to integrate peoples’ movement into their own apps. With ‘People Occlusion’ AR content naturally appears in front of or behind people which enables a more immersive AR experience and fun ‘Green-Screen-Like’ applications.

Apples ARKit Reality Composer

With further enhances to 'Swift', they have introduced an All-new UI framework declarative Swift Code.

All new swift UI Framework

'Collections’ will allow you to build a collection of your favourite, and soon to be favourite, locations so you can share with your family & friends. The ‘Favourites’ function allows you to create a list of the places you visit often for quick, on tap navigation, such as home, work, the gym, kids school etc. Also added is ‘Junction View’ which is focussed on helping drivers to eliminate wrong turns or near misses by lining you up to the correct lane before you need to turn.

Also ‘Share ETA’ which allows you to share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and will update should you be delayed. Although both focus upon car journeys, certain aspects can be taken forward into personal navigation in the future. Other interesting additions to Maps is Real-Time Transit Information, which connects you to schedules, arrival times, network stops etc. This will prove helpful with real time information on delays, outages or even cancelations. 'Flight Status' allows you to keep ‘up-to-the-moment’ info for when you’re in an Airport Terminal for gate locations, departures times and more. Apple has also significantly updated their ‘Place Cards Function’ with dynamically updated information.

A further interesting update which is focussed on developers is ‘Mapkit’, which include new overlays for heat maps, weather or buildings on top of the maps, whilst allowing point-of-interest filtering and also supports ‘Dark Mode’.

Apple have also combined both ‘Find my iPhone’ and 'Find My Friends' in to one single easy-to-use App called ’Find My’. Obviously, we all know that it’s difficult to find your iPhone when it has run out of charge, switched off or not connected to Wi-Fi, apple have now introduced a way for you to locate it once you mark your device as missing. Any other apple user’s device that’s nearby can locate it through it a ‘Bluetooth signal’ and report back. This is totally anonymous and encrypted end-to-end, so everyone’s privacy is protected.

And finally with the Introduction of ‘Optimised Battery Charging’ it helps slow the rate of battery again by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. Furthermore, your iPhone learns your habits/routines, so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

So, after a very interesting and entertaining WWDC’19, it’s now down to us, the developers, to take on what Apple have showcased and turn that into ‘Reality’, in skignz case, ‘Precise 'Location Augmented Reality’.


If you would like to know more about skignz then please do check out the rest of our website and also follow us across the usual social media Channels @skignz.

If you would like to see the Apple WWDC’19 Keynote and find out more about all the other products that were showcased then please take a look here

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