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02 Jun 2014

Health is a big issue now and is getting talked about more each day. How a person lives their life, how they work and their daily activity can have a massive impact on their lives and their health. It won't however just affect them, it can and the majorit

Aerosure - Health and Personal Care Technology

Health is a big issue now and is getting talked about more each day. How a person lives their life, how they work and their daily activity can have a massive impact on their lives and their health. 
It won't however just affect them, it can and the majority of the time will have an effect on others around them.
Technology is getting more advanced each day
It is great that technology is getting more advanced each day as it is better for us and how we can all benefit from it; however it starts now from a young age that a lot of kids and younger children start to use technology which overall can have a big impact on themselves and their life ahead of them. 

From watching TV to playing on their games and being on the computer, all of this is a lot for kids to do from a young age.
Recently being talked about in the news a lot is that obesity levels are rising
Young Kids and Technology
high and that it’s causing health 
issues for a lot of people. Kids are starting to become more obese and so are adults. 

Being overweight and obesity can rise from how a person has lived their life each and every day. The government are recently bringing new schemes out to help people on the NHS lose weight by teaming up and joining weight-watchers referral scheme. 

This is a way to help people who can't afford to lose weight or are not able to do it themselves have the ability to be able to take that step to being healthier.
Weight Watcher provide NHS Weight Loss Referral Scheme
The team at skignz know how all of this can have an impact. We sit at computers for the majority of the day doing work and at the end of the day the first thing that is definitely not on our list is to go home and be straight on another computer. 

We have seen how widely talked about this is that the impact it can have on someone’s health. Sitting at a computer desk most of the day is not good for our eyes, focus, brain activity and more. It can affect the inside and outside of your body.
This is when we came across this great piece of technology – health and personal care: Aerosure
‘Aerosure is a personal respiratory device that causes oscillation of the chest wall as you breathe in and out. 
Aerosure was developed by Dr Paul Sumners initially as a device to stimulate the respiratory system for scientific research, but as it progressed it was realised that the oscillation could do more than what had initially been anticipated. Initially we tried to use it for respiratory muscle training in a similar way to power breathe and it was effective but they soon realised that the benefits of respiratory muscle training were limited. 
This has enormous implications for lots of conditions where breathlessness is a major symptom of disease progression. Further in some patients whose oxygen saturation is low because of inadequate ventilation of the lungs they saw an increase in oxygen saturation whilst the patients were using Aerosure.
This suggests that Aerosure could be used as a portable ventilator. This again has massive implications for diseases involving loss of lung tissue or respiratory inefficiency. Further work is underway so it is still early days but the future for Aerosure looks exciting’.
Aerosure - Personal and Healthcare Technology

This type of technology for health and personal care is a great new advancement and will be sure to help a lot of people in the future. Whoever may develop problems from whether it just is natural causes or from the use of technology too much then this will be a great benefit for them to have.
Keep a look out on the advancements that this type of technology will make. We sure are going to, and just a last small piece of advice, if you do have children maybe limit the use of technology that they use each day. 

However don't just consider Aerosure for how it could affect you now and society, look at the long term prospect for the future. Aerosure can improve your health and help to keep you fit for longer allowing you to breathe easier and have clear airways. It is your direction to better health and keeping it that way. 
It will keep them healthier for longer and you never know just how much they may need to use it in the future with all the advancements getting made each and every day as we go on. As we said, we sit at computers each day, which is definitely not good for our health or our body weight, as we are not getting any meaningful exercise throughout the day.
If you would like to read up more on this new health and personal care technology then please use the links below.

Aerosure Medic 
If you would like to please feel free to take a look at the rest of skignz blogger. There are a lot of interesting articles on there that you may find interesting or useful to read about and could maybe just benefit you in some way.

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