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what is skignz?

Welcome to the new world of skignz, where we make AR (Augmented Reality) useful …
Skignz is a Geo-Location based Augmented Reality platform created to provide the billions of mobile device users with a whole new way to view and engage with digital information in a non-intrusive way.  

Essentially skignz are digital signs in the sky.

Hyper local skignz can be either user generated or by brands providing YOU with helpful/relevant information, when and where YOU need it! 
skignz allows you to upload and place your own skignz so you are able to find your friends, at say, a music festival, or your car in a carpark! 
Companies can use skignz for customer experience, wayfinding, asset tracking, in fact the possibilities for using skignz commercial are almost endless.

Please don't just take our word for it …

All the quotes used on this website have come from people describing what they think skignz is …
It means different things to different people…
How would you use it? What does skignz mean to you?

For examples of work and ideas on how skignz can be used and implemented across all areas of our lives, please visit our Blog.

skignz for you

How many apps do you use each day that prove really useful and/or helpful?

skignz is FREE to download and it is FREE to set up a personal account because here at skignz we encourage the users to create and place your own interactive digital content. This can be interesting, fun and engaging but extremely useful across many different areas of your life.

Imagine PokemonGo, but you can decide on the content; what it looks like and where you place it? 
Also, you decide what happens when you 'press a skign', do you want it to provide a pop up message? Call a phone number or even link to any website or URL? 

Have you ever lost your friends in a crowd? Your car in a car park? Your tent at a Festival? Well, that’s all in the past when you have skignz, a very small app on your phone but provides you with a whole new world to explore!

You can place a skignz outside a friend’s house wishing them Happy Birthday. You can even link that to a clue of their birthday gift from you? ;-)

skignz can also be used with safety in mind … keep track of your children at a theme park, concert or in a shopping mall …

the uses for skignz are only limited by your own imagination!

What are you waiting for? Get involved, download skignz, set up an account and be creative. If you think we can improve in any areas, please tell us. If you think skignz is awesome, please tell us and everyone you know, encourage them to do the same...

skignz for your business

You are the experts in your sector/industry and the role you do within your business, now imagine what the skignz technology could do for you, for your company and most importantly, for your clients/customers.

We have had many suggestions for how skignz can be used in many different sectors, including visual wayfinding (4 out of 5 people cannot read maps, a trend that is only increasing), asset tracking, aspects of safety, and introduction of lean practices and new processes. 

skignz is also helpful to the environment and has a zero Carbon footprint. It is the next few generations’ technology, but available today. The same platform can be used across all areas of your business including sales, marketing, operations, service delivery, logistics … the list goes on!

Below are some of the Brands we are working with across the globe!
The question is … how will skignz work for your company’s and staff/customers benefit? skignz can provide branded content anywhere on the planet and can be used in any language.

Please get in touch to see how skignz can work for your Brand/Company/Organisation…

who we work with?

Warner Music
tui group
Social Chain
Team Gb
Business Rocks
Mayor of London

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Sunday Times
Tech City
Nimbus Ninety

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